Everyone has been in the same situation at one time or another: you're on
holiday; looking for something exciting or fun to do, but you draw a blank.

Whether it's because of a poorly-prepared plan of action, a lack of information on the region or because of a last-minute change of plan that lands you in unfamiliar surroundings, one simple choice can make or break a holiday.

Luckily, Rent My Cottage - a champion of all things Great British - has launched the first part of its Local Choice initiative, offering an interactive guide to the whole of Yorkshire.

Created as a go-to resource to highlight the positives of small and independent businesses, Local Choice finely details the many things to do, whether they are attractions, restaurants, pubs, walks and much more.

The interactive tool can also be of assistance for those looking to buy a home to let out as a popular holiday cottage in the different areas.

The resource also includes the costs of attractions, making it a particularly helpful tool for those working to a strict budget, such as families.

Find hidden delights

However, it's also designed with the locals themselves in mind; given the importance of giving back to the local community to make it thrive, Rent My Cottage wants to open up the more hidden delights of Yorkshire to those who may only live a stone's throw away.

Drew Dunn, Business Development Manager from Rent My Cottage, said: "In our years of experience in the lettings market, we've found that visitors to Yorkshire - or any other county, for that matter - often arrive with underprepared itineraries, potentially putting their holiday at risk of being boring.

"However, this isn't just limited to people from out of the area; everyone's been in a situation where they don't realise that an exciting attraction, great-value restaurant or unrivaled pub is right on their doorstep. We love what Britain has to offer just as much as anyone else and we want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of it with this interactive tool!"