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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
10:51 AM 28th December 2021

2021 Top 60 Albums 30-21

Danielle Lewis – Dreaming In Slow Motion
Danielle Lewis – Dreaming In Slow Motion
The rise of streaming platforms has once again dominated our viewing habits. We all found ourselves heartbroken by It’s A Sin, we crowned several new Drag Queens in the ever growing RuPaul franchises and found ourselves compellingly disturbed by the latest series of You. With the shows themselves producing some amazing music and soundtracks, we once again return to our Top 60 albums countdown and pick up at #30.

30. Chloe Foy – Where Shall We Begin

Key Moments: Deserve, Asylum, Bones

29. Arrested Youth - Nonfiction

Key Moments: 98 Degrees, Ryan, Family Tree

28. Park Hye Jin – Before I Die

Key Moments: Me Trust Me, Where Did I Go, Can I Get Your Number

27. Steps – What The Future Holds Pt. 2

Key Moments: Heartbreak In This City, Take Me For A Ride, Victorious

26. JORIS – Willkommen Goodbye

Key Moments: Nur die Musik, Untergang, 2017

25. Katelyn Tarver – Subject To Change

Key Moments: Nicer, Shit Happens, At The Same Time

24. Soffia Bjӧrg – The Company You Keep

Key Moments: Sour Dream, Rodeo Cloud

23. Barbara Pravi – On n’enferme pas les oiseaux

Key Moments: Voilà, Saute, La vague

22. Blanco – Blu Celeste

Key Moments: Lucciole, David, Blu Celeste

21. Danielle Lewis – Dreaming In Slow Motion

Key Moments: A Woman Like You, My Youth, Let Me Imagine