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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
9:00 AM 26th December 2021

2021 Top 60 Albums 40-31

Kylie – Disco: Guest List Edition
Kylie – Disco: Guest List Edition
Sport played a huge part in 2021. Not only did Tom Daley finally earn his Olympic Gold, but Emma Radacanu won the US Open and football took a very large step closer to finally coming home. As we celebrated these huge achievements, we did so to the soundtrack of our albums of 2021. Our countdown continues…

40. Walk The Moon - Heights

Key Moments: Can You Handle My Love??, Rise Up, Heights

39. Nation of Language – A Way Forward

Key Moments: Wounds Of Love, This Fractured Mind

38. Camilo – Mis Manos

Key Moments: KESI, Rolex, Ropa Cara

37. Pearl Charles – Magic Mirror

Key Moments: What I Need, Slipping Away, Take Your Time

36. Willow – lately i feel EVERYTHING

Key Moments: G R O W, Lipstick, don’t SAVE ME

35. Garbage – No Gods No Masters

Key Moments: The Men Who Rule The World, Wolves, Flipping The Bird

34. JORDY – Mind Games

Key Moments: I Just Wanna Be Loved, Delete Me, Long Distance

33. St. Vincent – Daddy’s Home

Key Moments: Down, The Laughing Man, Somebody Like Me

32. girl in red – if I could make it go quiet

Key Moments: Serotonin, Apartment 402, Rue

31. Kylie – Disco: Guest List Edition

Key Moments: Kiss of Life, A Second To Midnight, Magic