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1:00 AM 13th January 2024

3 Ways To Prevent Car Theft

Image by GLady from Pixabay
Image by GLady from Pixabay
Did you know that car theft in the UK is at an all-time high?

If that weren't scary enough, research has revealed that January is the worst month for car theft. With many of us feeling the pinch after Christmas, worrying about our vehicle being stolen is a stress we absolutely do not need: that's why the company My Motor World have shared three essential tips to follow to help prevent vehicle and car part theft for your car.

1. Park in a safe area

Always park your car in a safe area, even when parking for short durations or at home. For long stays, private car parks and garages are the safest as they are usually locked and have CCTV or other security measures in place. However, if you don’t have access to one of these, then a well-lit area with lots of footfall may be enough of a deterrent. Since many car parts are stolen from the front of the vehicle, it could be useful to park facing a wall where possible to make the theft more difficult. Always ensure that your vehicle is locked and take your keys with you — not only is this safer, but many car insurance premiums won’t pay out if you haven’t properly secured your car.

2. Mark your parts

It’s unlikely you’ll ever recover the parts if they are stolen but marking them can make it easier for the police to identify, which means you potentially could get them back. In some cases, marked parts can be a deterrent if the thief notices the marking, as they’ll be more reluctant to steal a part that can be traced. People buying the parts may also realise they have been stolen if they’re marked, and if so, they may be more likely to contact the police.

3. Use technology

It’s worth putting a camera in your vehicle such as a dashcam if you haven’t already, and a tracker can help you locate your car if it is stolen. If you park in a driveway or just outside your home, a video camera on your property may catch the thieves in the act and prove useful to the police investigation. A security light that goes on when it senses movement can even be enough of a deterrent, and both options may be cheaper than replacing the stolen parts.

Mark Barclay, Head of Ecommerce at My Motor World comments:
“Car theft and ‘car cannibalism’ are a big worry for car owners, particularly those with classic or rare vehicles. Because the parts that are stolen are so hard to retrieve and are of comparatively little value, it’s very unlikely you’ll get them back.

"Taking precautions against theft and ensuring you have insurance are the best ways to protect your car from any kind of theft. You may find it useful to keep your vehicle and a supply of spare parts in a secure garage, especially essential parts like lights.”