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1:00 AM 27th January 2024

5 Things You Must Know When Travelling On The London Underground

Photo by Maria Molinero on Unsplash
Photo by Maria Molinero on Unsplash
When in London most of us have travelled on the London Underground. Here Get Licenced share some tips for staying safe.

Shahzad Ali, CEO of Get Licensed shares his 5 tips for staying safe when using the London Underground:

1 - Keep your bags close to you

Pickpockets are often skilled in their trade and therefore have a way of accessing your personal belongings without you knowing. Keep these items as close to your person as possible - keep bags closed and secure and if possible, wear them under your coat or jacket. If you are using a bag which does not have a fastening, always carry this with your arm securely over the opening.

2 - Report any left or unclaimed luggage

If you are on the tube or an underground platform and notice luggage left unattended, be sure to report this to a member of staff or the British Transport Police immediately. I would also advise you to leave the platform or carriage, putting space between yourself and the item until it has been removed or claimed.

3 - If alone, join the busier carriages

If you are travelling alone, avoid joining the quieter carriages and instead join those with more people. The common term “safety in numbers” can be extended to include people you don’t know, especially when on transport. You are less likely to be assaulted or injured if there are a greater number of witnesses. However, it is important to note that when tightly packed into a carriage you may be more prone to pickpocketing and should therefore keep all possessions close.

4 - Prepare for your route

Not only will this help you keep up with the hustle and bustle of London commuters, but it will also help you protect your personal belongings. If you are already aware of the tube lines you need to be travelling on and the stops you will be making, you won’t need to take your phone out to check this throughout the journey, therefore keeping it safely tucked away in a pocket or bag out of sight. This also reduces any distraction, allowing you to divert your attention to those around you and any potential threats.

5 - Report suspicious behaviour

Suspicious behaviour could be individuals who appear a threat to themselves or others, possibly those who look on edge or in a distressed state. If you find yourself on a platform or in a carriage with someone behaving this way, report it to the British Transport Police. This will help ensure not only the safety of others but also that individual’s safety. If you feel they may be a threat to you, wait until you have distance between yourself and them before reporting, taking note of the station and lines that they are at.

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