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1:00 AM 18th November 2023

5 Ways Brits Can Enjoy An Energy-Efficient Christmas

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash
Many homeowners across the UK will be readying themselves for hosting friends and family throughout the Christmas period, and as many people look to strike a balance between a joyful and affordable Christmas celebration, Utility Bidder have shared 5 top tips to help homeowners save time and money over the festive period.

5 tips for having an energy-efficient Christmas:

1 - Use pan lids when cooking

On Christmas day the oven and hob are often in use for long periods of time. When using pans to boil vegetables, make sure to place the lids on top of the pans as not only will this help to cook the food quicker, but it will also play its part in reducing energy usage by around 10%.

2 - Opt for LED lights

Whether they’re used to decorate the Christmas tree or the exterior of the house, lights play a big part in adding a touch of festivity to the home. When choosing lights, opt for LED as it has been reported that they use up to 80% less energy than non-LED lights use, which will help to lower your energy bills.

3 - Switch lights off

It’s more than likely that the majority of UK households will add additional lights to their home over the Christmas period, mainly for decorative reasons. When leaving the house or when you go to bed, make sure to turn the lights off as this will help to cut your energy usage significantly.

4 - Lower the thermostat

Over the Christmas period, people tend to cook more often and have family and friends around to celebrate the festivities. When the oven and hob are in use and more people are in the home, this will increase the surrounding temperature, which means you can lower the thermostat in order to save energy and not feel a chill.

5 - Keep TV usage to a minimum

Research has suggested that Brits spend over £1 million combined on powering our TVs on Christmas Day, as families enjoy time together in their own homes. Although many of us like to watch films over Christmas, spend some time playing board games and going for walks to lower the amount of energy your TV is using, which can be a lot.

James Longley, Managing Director at Utility Bidder has commented on some of the the steps homeowners can take in order to enjoy an energy-efficient Christmas:
“Christmas is a time to celebrate and enjoy precious time with family and friends. Despite this, rising energy costs during the winter months are bound to leave many homeowners feeling anxious about their finances.

“This doesn’t mean that Brits can’t enjoy the Christmas period like many of us have done over recent years, however. We can all implement changes to our everyday lives over the coming months that will help to create an energy-efficient Christmas, such as purchasing LED lights for your Christmas tree and turning the thermostat down when cooking or when you have guests around.

“Simple changes such as using LED lights instead of non-LED lights can help to reduce your energy usage massively at a time when every penny matters, these are simple changes that will help to go a long way. Even though halogen bulbs aren’t sold in the UK anymore, lots of people still own them, and in comparison, LED bulbs can use up to 80% less energy.

“Lights and gathering around the television all make a family Christmas, but nothing is quite as important for some as festive food. With this in mind, homeowners should be wary of how much energy their kitchen appliances are using as well.

“Realistically, the appliances you use only go some way to making the perfect money-saving Christmas dinner. You may want to save time on the day and pre-prepare items like pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, and even gravy could be frozen ahead of time.

“Alternatively, you can buy frozen food like your vegetables and bulking with frozen over fresh food will save money, and don’t be afraid to ask any of your potential guests for a sweet treat or dessert as a favour to complete the perfect Christmas dinner!”