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1:00 AM 3rd February 2024

8 Tips To Create An Energy-Efficient Valentine’s Celebration

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
More than 360,000 metric tons of carbon emissions can be attributed to the transportation of flowers in the three weeks leading up to February. Why? Valentine's Day!

The team at Utility Bidder have put together some handy advice and 8 handy tips to give the planet (and your purse strings) a little more love this Valentine's Day…

Here are their tips:

Light up my life
- Opt for candlelight or energy-efficient lighting for the right ambience. Simply changing your light bulbs for energy saving (which only consume 80% of the normal bulbs) will help you reduce CO2 emissions by 100 kg every year. What's more romantic?

Cooking up love - Opt to bond over the stove (or microwave) instead of ordering takeaway or heading out for a meal. One study suggests that even opening a delivery app emits 0.778kg of CO2. When it comes to the meal itself, why not go green and have a vegetarian dish this year? 1 vegetarian week per month (12 weeks a year) can save nearly 153 kgs of CO2 per year.

Cinema vs cuddles - Instead of the journey to your nearest cinema and the cost of paying for a movie ticket, and that's before the snacks, why not rent a movie on Sky or stream a classic. You won't only save pennies but also emissions - plus you can stay in your pyjamas!

In vs out - There are many things which you can make much more fun and personal by recreating at home. If you were thinking of going out for cocktails, why not shake your concoctions at home instead? Other activities such as spa days could easily be recreated at home for a fraction of the price, and the environmental impact.

It's getting hot in here - Turning down your thermostat by just one degree can reduce your carbon pollution by up to 340kg! On the plus side, you'll be way more snug under the blankets! A smart thermostat could also save you money and reduce carbon emissions.

Green gifting- When you give your loved one their v-day gift, think of the environmental impact. Why not opt for the gift of long-lasting plants for the home instead of flowers or gift an act such as cooking a meal or giving a massage. A charity donation to a charity close to their heart could be the perfect gift.

Netflix and chill - We know distractions happen, but remember to try and turn off all electronics when finished with. Don't leave Netflix running in the background if you are preoccupied. Watching a half-hour show creates 1.6 kg of carbon dioxide emissions—the emissions equivalent of driving nearly 4 miles!

Love at first flight - If an adventure is on the cards this v-day be sure to do your research and look into eco-friendly choices, your mode of transport (could you get the train instead?) and choose your activities wisely, whilst opting for conservation-minded suppliers! Rail travel creates 10 times less carbon emissions per passenger than the equivalent car journey and 13 times less than travelling by plane.

James Longley, Managing Director at Utility Bidder has also commented:
“It can be easy to fall into the commercial trap of Valentine’s Day and just buy a store-bought card, balloons, flowers and book a table at a local restaurant. If we put a little extra thought into our efforts, it doesn't only show your partner or valentine, that you are thoughtful and conscious about your decisions, but it can also end up being a much nicer evening and occasion, all whilst doing your bit for the planet. Not only this, but you can actually save money by opting for a more environmentally conscious date. I would advise people to take advantage of the February weather, try stay-at-home options, and try to think more consciously about your choices when it comes to celebrations such as Valentine's Day.

"Any holiday or celebration - from Christmas to Mother’s Day - can have a detrimental impact on the environment. In fact, it is said that sending one greeting card results in 140 grams of carbon dioxide. Small and simple changes such as choosing to make your own or sending a virtual card can make a significant difference.

"Try and remember the root and meaning behind Valentine's Day; it's all about being thoughtful and celebrating things and people we treasure, so why not include the planet in this! Focus less on consumerism and do your bit to seek out eco-options and ethical practices this year.”