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Phil Hopkins
Arts & Travel Editor
6:00 AM 4th September 2021

Cheesy Pleaser Has Bradford On Its Feet!

It may be cheesy, even one of the most up-market lookalike bands in the UK (or a few at least), but 80’s Mania rolled into St George’s Hall in Bradford last night and had an army of middle-aged folk jumping in the aisles.

And what fun it was!

This venue has done a sterling job of differentiating itself from everything around it and, somehow, has cornered a niche market for pop performers and lookalike bands: not quite small enough for the likes of Bradford Playhouse, but not big enough for the Alhambra.

And the Bradford crowd love them because they know they are going to have a great time. The other week it was Navi as Michael Jackson – rammed – and last night it was the turn of four musicians, three singers and four dancers – Legs & Co – who collectively jigged their way through two hours of pure pop fun as 80’s Mania.

They were all in there: Adam Ant, Tears for Fears, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and many more and, just to show their support, dozens of folk turned up in luminous dresses, leg warmers and studded accoutrements, determined to capture a moment from their youth!

This was an evening of unadulterated fun where, in any other circumstances, members of the public might have been arrested for wearing such offensive fashion! But, last night, it was a chance to let go after months of lockdown and Bradford didn’t let the performers down.

They cheered and the performers waved back: equal gratitude for a performance given and an audience present.

The Reunion Group Entertainment Production are the people behind this show which they bill as Europe’s Premier 1980’s Tribute Concert and, in fairness, they have invested some considerable cash in the production which has lots of authentic videos, fast costume changes, enthusiastic performers and leggy dancers.

If you like music – especially tunes from the 80’s – and you are feeling a little pent up after months of God knows what, then I recommend a night of 80’s Mania. Go on, let your hair down…..while you’ve still got some left!

80’s Mania
Details of Tour Dates:
Bridlington Spa tonight (4th September); Scunthorpe baths Hall 10th September