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7:00 AM 19th November 2021

A Brighter Holiday in Malaga

photo by Robert Pittman
photo by Robert Pittman
A ‘Forest of Lights’ will illuminate the streets of Malaga on the Costa del Sol this month, as the Spanish city switches on what’s widely regarded as one of the best Christmas light displays in Europe.

The Costa del Sol’s proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and sunny days during the winter months, makes the region the perfect Christmas getaway and an ideal destination for families wanting to enjoy a range of activities from visiting Christmas markets and nativity scenes, to tasting typical Spanish Christmas foods.

And, on November 26th the streets of the Costa del Sol will illuminate once more as Christmas lights are switched on and flood the entire area. This year’s theme is The Forest of Christmas with 22 arches due to run the length of the entire street illuminating Calle Larios.

In addition to the incredible light displays around Costa del Sol visitors can also enjoy a number of other festive activities. Here we take a look at what else visitors can indulge in during the Christmas season:

Christmas Shopping
Located in the port on the seashore in Malaga, Muelle Uno shopping centre is the perfect place for visitors to start their Christmas shopping offering a number of festive stalls with plenty of decorative and handicraft items to buy.

In addition to Muelle Uno, Costa del Sol also hosts Christmas markets in the city centre. For those wanting to explore further, other cities in the region such as Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Mijas and Ronda also have excellent shopping areas with artisan products and typical gastronomy to enjoy.

Family Activities
During Christmas, there are various activities for children to enjoy including carousels, ice skating rinks and trampolines, Christmas shows, theatre performances and more. Dotted around Costa del Sol are allocated areas for children to send their wish lists to Santa Claus.

Another great way to explore Costa del Sol during the festive period is by visiting places representing nativity scenes. These are typical elements of the Spanish Christmas tradition showcasing the birth of Jesus. A top spot to visit a nativity scene can be found in the Malaga City Hall or at the city's Cathedral.

Traditional Christmas Dishes
Costa del Sol, specifically Antequera, plays a vital role in the Spanish Christmas gastronomy.

Mantecados and polvorones are well known sweet treats made from butter and sugar creating a heavy sweet biscuit which come in an array of different flavours such as vanilla, lemon and chocolate. During the festive period, they can be tasted throughout the city with some hotels offering special menus, including these delicious sweet treats.