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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
12:00 PM 22nd July 2017

A Busy Few Weeks For Little Alf...

At the Great Yorkshire Show
At the Great Yorkshire Show
Wow the past two weeks have just flown by and we've been super busy with events, book signings, opening the shop, school talks and heading down to London to see our publisher.

Next week we have a really exciting announcement to make so stay tuned for more information...

Last week I took Little Alf to the Great Yorkshire Show which was so much fun. We were on the 'Welcome to Yorkshire' stand and had the opportunity to book sign which was a great experience and a very busy day!

Unfortunately on the Tuesday there was horrendous rain which Alfie didn't like very much as he got a little wet in the morning but took cover underneath my marquee in the afternoon. He had a very very busy day at the show which started at 10:00am when he had an interview with BBC Radio York. They loved Alfie and Alfie seemed to love them but I had to watch him as he kept trying to bite the microphone!

Alfie then had an interview with BBC Look North which was great. We've never been on TV before and Alfie played up for the camera. He accidentally knocked the poor camera lady over at one point as he was that excited... Luckily once they started to film he stood still and waited until the camera was turned off before he started creating chaos again...

Alfie then got to meet briefly the Yorkshire Vet while we stood for an interview which was really cool; Alfie seemed to take a liking to him although he kept trying to bite his shoe which was a little naughty!

In the afternoon Alfie met crowds of people. He was pretty sleepy so he stood quiet for most of the time and seemed to enjoy all the attention he was getting. He got to meet so many lovely followers and having his image taken with lots of fans I think he felt quite at home!

Alfie was very tired by the time 4:00pm came around and it was time to call it a day for us. We got to leave early due to Alfie being tired and made it home
around 6pm after a long day. Alfie went straight to bed. I think he really enjoyed his time at the show and getting lots of attention!

I attended the show for the remaining 2 days and it was great to book sign and meet so many lovely people.