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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
10:47 AM 6th February 2017

A Day In The Life Of Alfie And Hannah...

Taking Alfie for a walk
Taking Alfie for a walk
I've finally returned after a week in Austria. It was a perfect week and the snow conditions where great with sunshine nearly every day. Although I had an amazing time away skiing I missed Alfie and the rest of my pets loads and it was lovely to see them late on Saturday afternoon.

As soon as I arrived home to the Yorkshire Dales and wandered down my driveway I could hear Alfie whinnying from his paddock. He was very pleased to see me as he cantered towards me and nuzzled my leg. The rest of the horses whinnied in pursuit and all showed different emotions as I went around and greeted them all.

Luckily Mum informed me that Alfie had been on his best behaviour all week, with just a few cheeky antics, which was great to hear as last time I went away he had caused quite a stir.

Today I thought I would write about what it's like for me and Alfie in a typical day. It is a question we got sent by some university students last week and it got me thinking about what it is like and what we actually do get up to.

Time just seems to fly by at the moment and I can't believe it is already February.

Usually the day starts around 8:00am for us. I walk down the yard with a cup of tea in hand and wander over to Alfie's stable. Nine times out of 10 he is still asleep.

Is it time to get up yet?
Is it time to get up yet?
Alfie has never been one to get up early and would stay in bed until late morning if I let him. He is usually still dozing in the corner on his sawdust. I grab his head collar from the tack room and go into his stable, where he always greets me with a low whinny, then I'll feed him a morning pony treat and occasionally a carrot as he loves carrots!

Sometimes I have to coax Alfie out of his stable. I can understand why he loves his stable so much especially on a morning like today, when there is a slight frost on the ground and it's a little bit cooler outside. But once he's out in the fresh air he always gets a skip in his step and begins his morning walk to the paddock.

Alfie spends most of the day in his paddock, from around 8-4:30pm. He spends his days with Pepper, who is my other miniature Shetland and Alfie's best friend. They have a huge paddock where each day I can watch them playing from my office, which is so lovely to see.

Showing Alfie
Showing Alfie
On a typical day like today I'll head down to the fields around 3:00pm and groom Alfie, film the next YouTube Video for our channel, take photos, clicker train and just spend time together.

It's great having the horses so near to the house as I can see them as much as I want, even at 10:00pm on a night. I usually have a wander down at night to make sure they are all okay and sneakily take them each a piece of apple.

Every day is different for me and Alfie. Sometimes we can spend the whole day together like yesterday, and other times we are travelling to a book signing together, or even having a press interview from a newspaper or magazine.

My favourite day of the week with Alfie is always a Sunday when we can just be at home and spend time in the paddocks. (I think this is Alfie's favourite day too as he gets an extra hour in bed in the morning...!)