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10:01 AM 27th April 2021

A Hedghog Highway Solves A Prickly Problem

Ashberry Homes – hitting the hedgehog highway
Ashberry Homes – hitting the hedgehog highway
Ashberry Homes has solved a potentially prickly environmental problem in Howden by installing a hedgehog highway in gardens throughout its Kensington Vale development.

Reacting to declining hedgehog numbers, and their listing as a Species of Principle Importance, Ashberry Homes worked with Leeds-based Brooks Ecological to develop an intricate highway network, which provides easy access into and between gardens.

“New gardens provide excellent habitat for hedgehogs but in recent years boundaries between them have by and large become hard, with fences and stone walls taking the place of the traditional practice of planting hedgerow,” said Ashberry Homes’ sales manager, Paula Murdoch.

"The solution developed by Brooks Ecological is perfect in its simplicity. Hedgehog access holes are installed in every fence on the rear garden line on the development, which means they can move freely from garden to garden. While areas of shelter in which hedgehogs can nest are being built from log piles along the southern boundary of the development.”

The highway is formed by a series of holes that are installed in the base of fences at Kensington Vale. 13 x 13cm in size, they are labelled with hedgehog cut-outs so that new residents will know their purpose and hopefully take steps to encourage the hedgehog population.

For more information or to book an appointment to visit Ashberry Homes’ Kensington Vale visit or call 01430 451654