Yorkshire Times
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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
10:56 PM 10th March 2018

A Life On Social Media With Little Alf

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly blog post with the Yorkshire times, this week's blog post is all about social media and how we use it and what we think of it.

I first started a blog on Little Alf back in 2013 when I was 16 years old. Little Alf had come into my life in December 2012 and that Christmas I had been given a Nikon D300 which is a high-tech camera and brilliant to take high quality photographs.

I knew I had the perfect model in Little Alf and began posting the images on social media, which got a huge response. This lead me to start a blog based on Little Alf and his daily antics.

I used an online social networking site called ‘Tumblr’ and posted images of Alfie every day along with a little diary.

In a few short months Little Alf’s following had grown to a couple of thousand and I decided to set him up with his own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and continued to post images of Little Alf’s antics, from playing in the field with his field friends to coming inside the house!

Every time I post on Little Alf’s social media his following always grows.
Now 3 years on, Little Alf has a loyal fan base who love seeing images of him online. He has over 15K followers on Facebook and over 30K on twitter as well as a couple of thousand on Instagram. We have now also expanded and developed our own YouTube channel where we post videos each week.

I wanted to write this blog post as I see lots of people on tablets, phones and devices when going out and about. In train stations and cafés you can guarantee someone has got their device out, which often makes me wonder if the world will one day be over-ruled by technology.

I see Alf’s and my blogs as part of our working life now and understand how important it is to have time away from online and enjoy life.

I think sometimes it’s very easy to become obsessed with a ‘picture perfect’ life, where you're always taking images of new things and posting them online.

I used to always buy paperback books and my collection was huge, but when I was 17 I switched to a tablet book device and when I did it was odd because I found myself not reading as much. Now I have gone back to be a ‘paperback reader’ and love the feel of a real book.

I think life is about enjoying all the experiences and having fun. I suppose it’s up to you if you spend it on social media or not.