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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
4:40 PM 5th June 2019

A New Arrival…

Nico - the new arrival
Nico - the new arrival
Things certainly have been busy in the past few months for myself and Little Alf. We’ve been here, there and everywhere, working on new books, campaigns, opening up libraries, book signings and meet and greet events.

Today is actually the first time I’ve sat in my office at home in 4 weeks (scary!) In amongst all of that I have launched a new business ‘Russell Home interiors and Gifts’ which is a home interior and gift company based in Leyburn Market town and also online. I opened up my new shop a week ago and it’s been manic with the tourist season in full flow.

In amongst all of that I have a new arrival. Nico the Guinea pig! I didn’t really have any intentions on getting a new guinea pig or any pets this year, but If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll know my main hobby is looking after my animals and spending time with them. I find it really therapeutic, and it’s always important to take time away from work life and enjoy time for yourself.

I already had one guinea pig called ‘Hamish’ who is now around four years old. He often tries and plays with my rabbits and squeaks at them all the time, so I thought it would be nice to get him a friend for the day time. They won’t ever live together full time as males can often be protective of their space which could result in fighting, but so far they are getting on well and seem to have bonded okay! This morning they were sharing some parsley together which I’ve found out that Nico loves.

Nico is only 14 weeks old so needs a lot of handling and attention. He is sat in my office today as I sort out paper work and emails, and one of my best friends is also going to be helping me look after him while I’m busy, so he gets the full attention he deserves.

I got him from the local pet shop last bank holiday weekend. I usually get rescue animals but this time chose Nico from the main section as there were no guinea pigs to rehome. We just couldn’t say no to his cute face and he looked like he could cause some mischief. (Which he can) – Who knows he might appear in a book one day…