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1:00 AM 9th February 2024

A New Name, Look And Direction For NYMAZ

NYMAZ, the youth music development charity that launched in 2001 to champion the transformative potential of music for thousands of children and young people in North Yorkshire, has rebranded to AMP, as part of its mission to extend its engagement, in terms of impact and location.

This evolution for the charity, which has partnered with music professionals and practitioners for over twenty years to fight barriers to music for young people - from preschoolers to young adults - such as rural isolation, will see AMP drive increased in-person and digital engagement in sound and music to more people nationally, as well as North Yorkshire.

The new identity and direction have been developed with input from the charity’s young trustees and producers aged 18-25, who were asked for feedback on the name and the design of the new logo, as well as plans for the organisation.

AMP means music and sound in some form to most people. It also stands for Accessible Music Pathways, however, the concept has been designed to be flexible and playful, allowing the acronym to be used in different ways for initiatives the charity is set to drive and create. When coming up with a new name, it was a priority to highlight the energy and vibrance of the charity’s work, but also strip away geographical boundaries to make it easier to build partnerships and initiatives throughout all regions.

When crafting the brand aesthetic, the creative team wanted it to look professional and current, portraying a youthful energy, with rich experience and a passion for sound and music at its core. It was also important that the visual identity would be clearly identifiable across all platforms, from social and web, to flyers and large print formats.

Sarah McWatt
Sarah McWatt
Sarah McWatt, Director at AMP (formerly NYMAZ), comments:
“The evolution of our brand is not just cosmetic, it’s about reflecting our commitment to young people. It shows how far we have come, but also looks to the future as we work to amplify even more young voices.

“As NYMAZ we achieved great things. However, as we have grown and evolved, with COVID extending the reach of our service to those struggling with isolation, our old name, which was heavily focused on North Yorkshire, was making it increasingly challenging for broader musicians, practitioners and users to fully understand what we stood for. We may be based in North Yorkshire, but advances in technology and ways of working means that more people, locally and nationally, can benefit from our work.”

Moving forward, AMP has major plans to develop innovative music activities, youth voice training and youth-led work, materials to bring singing into classrooms, and a breadth of exciting projects. This includes its upcoming Opera North concert that can be accessed online, a digital resource to bring a unique blend of Western and Indian classical music to Early Years settings all over the country, and a bank of incredible concerts and resources that can be streamed directly into classrooms, as well as webinars and written resources.

An important and groundbreaking campaign for NYMAZ in recent years is its Gone in the Air report, working with partners to deliver out-of-school music education and activities to give children in rural England equal opportunities, and this is something the charity will continue to drive forward as AMP.

Ben Lee, one of AMP’s young trustees, comments:
“AMP, which was known as NYMAZ, has given me direction and purpose. I’ve always enjoyed music, and dreamt of working in the industry in some way, but felt I had no opportunities due to a lack of clear signposts into entry level roles in the industry before I saw the PODs that the organisation ran.

“The experience I’ve had completing a journalism POD has been life changing. It helped me deliver my own print magazine abut music, and secure bylines in high-profile, international publications, like Clash. I’m proud to be part of the AMP team, helping other people who may be experiencing barriers to music. I love the new name and branding, and I think it’ll work really well to engage more young individuals and industry professionals.”

AMP leaders also see the rebrand diversifying income streams by resonating with a more diverse mix of music and sound professionals and organisations. The charity currently has strong links with world-class musicians and sector specialists including Opera North, Brass Bands England, Orchestras Live, Live Music Now, Sound Connections, SAA-uk and Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. On a more local level, it also works with several organisations in North Yorkshire, including Arcade, BlueBoxt, Flash Company Arts, North Yorkshire Music Hub, and North Yorkshire Libraries, as well as many regional music hubs throughout the country, and is open to working with new partners, both nationally and in North Yorkshire.

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