Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
2:00 PM 4th February 2019

A Sprinkle Of Snow

Throwing back the curtains one morning last week at 7:00am I expected more snow than what we had on the ground due to the weather warnings all week.

I was quite relieved when we just had a sprinkle as it’s so much easier to do things with not much snow! - Saying that I do love a snow day at home with the horses with the fire lit inside and a mug of hot chocolate.

Over the past few nights it’s been -8 which is far too cold for me and has been freezing all the horses' water buckets. I learnt a trick a few years ago which was to put an apple in the horses' water to stop it freezing completely and then you can remove the apple in the morning and de-ice the water better.

I personally think it works but on some horsey forums a few people don’t support the idea – hey ho it’s not for everyone.

Although it’s cold outside the sun is still shining and the horses are enjoying themselves in the field.

Alfie and I have a photo shoot coming up this month for a special project which is exciting and next month we have a whole team of cameras coming to the house for an ongoing project which is being released later this year, so I’ll have to make sure Alf is extra clean that day.

Other than that things have been quieter in the office over January but it’s been nice to spend some time writing and reflecting on what I want to achieve in 2019.

Now it’s February things will start to get busier, the Little Alf shop opens again as normal on the 12th so I’m getting preparations ready for that and looking forward to welcoming new fans.

I’m half way through writing the next Little Alf book which I hope to release in April this year. It’s probably going to be my favourite book to release yet as it’s opening a whole new door of magic and adventure to the Little Alf stories.

I’ve been sat replying to fan mail in my office, as since the Little Alf memoir was released in Germany we’ve started to receive lots of fan mail from Germany which has been amazing and quite surreal!