Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
8:34 AM 8th June 2018

A Summer Cover

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly column with the Yorkshire Times. Today certainly feels very summery with the sun shining in the Yorkshire Dales. Alfie is outside munching on the fresh grass that is appearing in the fields alongside his best friend Pepper!

Yesterday all the ponies had a visitor from the farrier, so they are testing out their new shoes in the fields today.

Alfie isn’t actually shoed as he doesn’t do any ridden work, but his hooves need the most attention from the farrier due to his feet being so small. We must make sure that they are level, so it makes it easier for him to walk – his tiny feet come from being born with dwarfism.

With the sun shining today it is the perfect opportunity to share with you the new summer cover to Little Alf’s memoir.

I love the cover it’s so bright and summery, I think I like it more than the wintery version as this one captures Alfie’s hair flick and cheeky attitude. Plus, it has lots of yellow in, and yellow is my favourite colour; it always reminds me of sunshine.

The new book cover isn’t a new book, it’s his memoir which was published back in October 2017, his previous cover was very snowy and wintery, and my publishing company have decided to give it a new look for the summer months, which I’m happy about and I think Alfie is to, I showed him the book cover and I got the whinny of approval.

The new book cover isn’t available yet as there is lots of logistical background work which needs to happen (behind the scenes things) to get the cover on to actual books, get them printed and then stock up the book shops. I’m not sure how long the process takes but I can only imagine it will be a few weeks. Never the less his memoir is still available to purchase with the old cover on if you wanted to read Little Alf’s story.

It scares me that his memoir has already been published 7 months and how much has happened since then – time flies when you’re having fun.

This week me and Little Alf announced our second book signing of 2018, we are going to be going to Berry’s at the Wensleydale experience this August to give a talk about Little Alf and our books. Plus Little Alf is coming along for the day as well which will be good fun – hopefully he’s on his best behaviour!