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4:36 PM 26th April 2021

A Tipi On The Stray, Harrogate

You might have read about the young lad who recently camped out for a whole year in a tent in his Devon garden to raise funds for charity. He might be impressed if he ever decides to come up to Yorkshire and visit Harrogate to see a Tipi (that's teepee to some) on The Stray.

The Cedar Court hotel just off The Stray in Harrogate has a new Tipi, not just for the Summer, but as a permanent feature. A Tipi might be a posh word for a big tent but the Tipi has been designed to be a versatile space and lend itself to whatever the hotel chooses.

You could have a private wedding there, a conference or a private event (when regulations allow) or I can imagine that, come Christmas, it could be Santa’s grotto during the day and a Christmas dining venue at night.

Apparently there was a Tipi in the grounds last year but it proved so successful that the hotel has bought one back as a permanent feature.

At the moment afternoon tea at £16.00 per person is being offered, though you can upgrade to a glass of Prosecco for an extra £3.00, served from 12pm to 5.30pm. Or opt for lunch between the same times.

Dinner is served daily from 6.30pm to 9.30pm inside the heated Tipi. Half of the structure has to be open due to the current dining regulations. The hotel has provided blankets to fend off any sneaky winds blowing across The Stray.

Quite a few Tipis are flimsy affairs, this one, I am pleased to say, seems a more stable proposition, with a sturdy wooden floor - not a groundsheet in sight, proper cosy settees and proper chairs.

Although there are a few small steps to negotiate at the entrance there is also a ramp for disabled access.

To call the hotel directly: 01423 858585