Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:00 AM 1st May 2018

A Trip To London With Brooke

Last week I packed my bags and headed to London. Unfortunately Little Alf couldn’t come along as well, and I always hate leaving him! I don’t think the train services would allow a little pony on board!

I was heading to London as part of my role as ‘Brooke’ Ambassador for 2018 and although it does involve Little Alf massively he had to sit this one out at home, which I don’t think he was very pleased about…

Brooke action for working horses, donkeys and mules is an international welfare charity dedicated to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules, Operating in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the middle east. They reach over two million horses, donkeys and mules each year which I think is pretty amazing.

In January 2018 Little Alf and I became official ambassadors for their latest campaign ‘Every Horse Remembered’ which is remembering the eight million horses, donkeys and mules which died in World War 1.

The event I was attending was hosted by Brooke and the mission for the night was to help raise awareness and funds for the amazing charity.

The night included talks from welfare officers at Brooke who travel overseas each year to educate the people in working environments and how to look after their working horses, donkeys and mules. The talks were incredibly gripping and full of emotion. It was great to see all the images which were projected showing the visual work the charity does and how they are impacting and changing lives every year.

The event was joined by ‘Doctor Scott Miller’ who is mainly known from the TV Programme ‘Vet on a hill’. Dr Scott Miller talked about his own experience with Brooke working out in the developing countries and it was incredible to hear about the work he had done.

The evening finished off with a speech from Alastair Steward who is patron to the Brooke charity and most known from the ITV News, his dedication to the charity and words were incredibly empowering and inspiring.

Although the event in London was only small the charity raised an incredible amount of funds which will go to the amazing work Brooke does.

On Thursday I packed my bags again and headed back home to the Yorkshire Dales. I was glad to see Alfie who apparently had been causing mischief with me being away… It really made me think about how lucky my horses were after hearing and seeing images of the working horses, donkeys and mules in other countries.