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Graham Clark
Features Writer
9:13 PM 11th January 2021

Album Review: Hello Cosmos - Dream Harder (Cosmic Glue)

Manchester based collective Hello Cosmos release their debut album, Dream Harder. If you could imagine what The Fall would sound like mixed with Happy Mondays with a touch of Jesus Jones you will get some idea of what Hello Cosmos sound like.

You might have already seen the band live (though live gigs at the moment seem a distant memory) at Live At Leeds, Liverpool Sound City or Kendal Calling.

The theme throughout the album is how technology has evolved with its relationship with humanity, politics and the media. Take for example the track 'Raise The Dawn' which builds over a glam rock guitar riff that Marc Bolan could have come up with. Apparently the song is about the state of music today.

'Frequency Fields' has a psychedelic twist, like most of the tracks here the Northern accent of Ben Robinson rings out to rouse even the most slumber mind. The song was written in the Sistine Chapel whilst 'Run For President' again has a guitar riff that rings over a lyric about the dawn of the Trump era.

The album ends with 'Renegade Love', a rant built over a soundtrack that was recorded at the famous The Blue Room studios in Los Angeles and Brooklyn’s Braun’s studios.

A fitting end to an album that sounds different to anything else around at the moment. If you need something to take your mind off the last nine months then this album might make you escape the humdrum of everyday life as it is now.

I rate the album 3 out of 5