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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
11:12 AM 21st November 2021

Album Review: Dreaming In Slow Motion - Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis Dreaming In Slow Motion
4 Stars

A Woman Like You; Dreaming In Slow Motion; My Youth; Flower; In My Sleep; Slow, Sad And Real; Temporary; Life Of Worth; Let Me Imagine; Help Me.

Danielle Lewis is a name you ought to get to know. The Cardiff based singer/songwriter may only be at out the outset of her recording career, but her album Dreaming In Slow Motion arrives in the wake of a series of stunning singles. With a voice that feels like a warm, but knowing embrace, there is something truly homely and comforting about her sound.

Dreaming In Slow Motion is minimalist in sound construction, which allows her warming vocal to really take centre stage and highlights the depth of real emotion in her lyrics. With an air of Karen Carpenter and a hint of Ane Brun, there is a timeless feel to her compositions which are enhanced by subtle production.

Although there is an almost Lana del Rey feel to both Slow, Sad and Real and Temporary, it is in the more ethereal moments that Dreaming In Slow Motion really shines. Key moments arrive in the shape of Flower and My Youth.

Danielle Lewis may be in the early stages of stardom, but if her work grows in this vein, there is no doubt superstardom will beckon.