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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
2:00 AM 24th July 2022

Album Review: Jeremy Loops Heard You Got Love

Jeremy Loops Heard You Got Love.
It's All Good, Head Start, Let It Run, Happy Birthday, Sugarcane Love, Better Together. This Town, Mortal Man, Diamond Lake, 'Til I Found You, Postcards, Wake Up, Chasing Grace
Decca Records Catalogue Number: B09WQN8KZ2

South Africa's Jeremy Loops is nearly a decade into his recording career, and while he has enjoyed a modicum of success on the UK shores, he is yet to replicate the success he has had both on his home turf and in other territories.

However, all that could be set to change with his long-awaited, heavily hyped third studio album, Heard You Got Love. Perhaps best known in the UK for his songwriting credits alongside Ed Sheeran, his third studio album is fuelled by big name songwriting collaborations (Ed Holloway (Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis), eg White (Adele), Wayne Hector (Nicki Minaj, One Direction), Steve Mac (Little Mix, London Grammar), Johnny McDaid (Shawn Mendes) and Cam Blackwood (George Ezra)). Reading as a veritable who's who of the current mainstream industry, has the album got what it takes to make him a household name?

With sold out shows at venues including the Brixton Academy already under his belt, it is clear he has the audience ready and waiting to help embrace him as a musical icon, and his third studio album certainly leans towards the radio friendly vibe that he needs to catapult him further up the UK's music food chain. However, it lacks a little je ne sais quoi that was demonstrated on his first two albums.

That is not saying that this is not an album worthy of your attention. It most certainly is. But it feels a little bit too polished and refined, replacing his raw heart and soul with a little too much veneer.

Although the production lets it down slightly, the songs themselves are well-structured and lyrically insightful. Exploring the need for human connection and the fragility of the natural world, the lyrics are often profound - which perhaps explains why the more raw production of his debut album should have been echoed in this release.

However, there is still enough on Heard You Got Love to raise Loops' profile a little further. Opener It's All Good has radio hit written all over it, while the introspection of Let It Run will make your heart flutter. However, it is in the stunning closer Chasing Grace that hits pure gold.

Heard You Got Love is far from a weak record, it could just have done with a little less gloss to allow it's real beating heart shine at it's brightest.

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