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Graham Clark
Features Writer
5:39 PM 23rd March 2021

Album Review: Justin Bieber - Justice

In the past I have always given Justin Bieber a wide berth - that is until his Purpose album was released in 2015. The album contained some cracking songs and he even delivered a strong live show at his Manchester gig.

Justice is the Canadian’s sixth album and you know what? It’s not bad - if you put any prejudices aside you might find you are a convert.

A lot of the tracks on the album have a mid 1980’s feel to them, much like the last offering from The Weekend - these tracks would easily fit onto said album.

There are samples of speeches by Dr Martin Luther King Jnr on the album, which probably ties in with the album title, Justice. One of the speeches opens up the first track 2 Much - a track that is dedicated to Bieber’s wife, though there is no tie in with the speech that opens the track, but then, why should there be - this is an out and out pop album - and Bieber’s lyrics have never been meant to mean much.

The pop sound that runs through the album really comes to the fore in Deserve You and on the melodic Die For You, featuring Dominic Fike, one of several guests who crop up on the album. Why Fike is on this particular song I’m unsure as Bieber could have easily sung it himself. Drenched again in mid 80’s pop, if you think Betty Davies Eyes you will get the idea.

Of course Bieber sings that he “would die for you” but the feeling of the song is too upbeat to convey the message.

Peaches is one of the best tracks on the album, a groove that has a hint of Bruno Mars glides along on a track so summery that you can almost feel the summer breeze. It’s another one of the songs that includes guest vocalists - Daniel Caesar and Giveon.

The Caribbean vibe on Loved By You comes with Burns Boy delivering a rap on the track, rather than a throwaway pop song the melody haunts you.

At 16 tracks long it might be a lot to stomach for any non believer, but in doses or in its entirety for the fans, it’s not bad - and that will be hard for his critics to stomach.

I rate the album 4 out of 5.