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Graham Clark
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7:00 PM 7th April 2016

Album Review: Pet Shop Boys - Super

Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys
You would think that after making music for over 30 years the Pet Shop Boys would have run out of steam but they return with another dose of melodic pop. The album is produced by Stuart Price who is originally from Bedale! He later went on to produce tracks for everyone from Kylie Minogue to Madonna.

The first single from the album, The Pop Kids deserves to be a hit; the lyric is typical Pet Shop Boys about two youngsters going to study in London to follow their obsession with the music scene hence the title, the Pop Kids. Driven over a chunky synth line that recalls New Order before the track breaks into a jaunty pop track.

The album opens up with Happiness, a track that shows the duo have been listening to what is going on in the European dance scene, the chorus has a country style feel in the same way as Avicci and Wake Me Up.

Elsewhere standout tracks include Groovy which as the title suggests sounds better on the dancefloor, whilst on Twenty Something the lyric deals with the young in the big city trying to get a mortgage with a backing that sounds like they have been listening to Metronomy.

There is more dance flavoured music too on Inner Sanctum; you expect Faithless to come in half way through the track with that immortal line, "I Can't Get No Sleep"

Things slow down on the ballad Sad Robot World but really this album is aimed at the feet for dancing rather than the head.

3 out of 5