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Graham Clark
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12:00 AM 29th June 2024

Albums: Bon Jovi - Forever

Bon Jovi - Forever

Legandary; We Make It Look East; Living Proof; Waves; Seeds; Kiss The Bride; The People’s House; Walls of Jericho; I Wrote You A Song; Living In Paradise; My First Guitar; Hollow Man

(Island Records) 00602465378474

In the mid-eighties, rock band Bon Jovi rose to fame with a mix of accessible songs that became major chart hits, major album success, and stadium-sized gigs.

On this reflective set of tracks, there are many that recall the band’s past, Living Proof being a prime example.

Anyone who remembers Livin' On A Prayer will be able to identify where the inspiration for the former track came from, while Waves recalls Jon Bon Jovi's solo work, notably Blaze of Glory, with his voice sounding as strong as ever after his recent vocal surgery.

Besides the more upbeat numbers, there are ballads too, including Kiss the Bride, where Jon Bon Jovi sings about his daughter’s wedding day, and I Wrote You a Song, which is dedicated to his wife.

Surprisingly, Ed Sheeran shares a co-write on the energetic Living in Paradise, with the album closing with the introspective Hollow Man coming with a weathered vocal as the album proves that the group’s glory days are not over yet.