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Graham Clark
Music Features Writer
12:00 AM 18th May 2024

Albums: Gun - Hombres

Gun - Hombres

All Fired Up; Boys Don’r Cry; Take Me Back Home; Fake Life; Falling; You Are What I Need; Never Enough; Don’t Hide Your Fears Tonight; Lucky Guy; A Shift In Time

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Scottish rock band Gun return to blazing form with their boisterous new album, Hombres. The heavy rock legends have imbued their signature sound with a grungier feel, resulting in a live-recorded feel for most songs.

Take Me Back Home could be the cousin to their big nineties hit Steal Your Fire, while Fake Life comes with a swagger and a swish of realism despite the song title.

With a thunderous drum beat, the tempo slows down on Falling, introducing a melodic twist as the song title repeats constantly before a massive guitar solo unleashes its power.

The rougher and grittier style that the band seems to have adopted shines again on You Are What I Need, which comes with a Rolling Stones influence. When the music is as good as this, you begin to question why the band does not appeal to a far broader audience as opposed to just their loyal rock fans.

The overall mood is that of a band that appears rejuvenated and ready to rock again.