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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
1:01 AM 3rd February 2024

Albums: Lena Anderssen State Of The Land

Lena Anderssen State of the Land

The Lark; There Must Be Something More; State of the Land; What I Can; Aimee; The Airport; Yes I Am; It’s Been A Long Winter; Nothing Wrong With You; Home Tonight; Good To Be Kind

Label: Lena Anderssen

Faroese-Canadian multi-award-winning singer/songwriter Lena Anderssen has arrived at her sixth studio name. While her name may not be one that you are immediately familiar with, her music will be something you know and love through its assorted placements on series including 90210, Scrubs, and Alias. Having waited nearly a decade to release a new studio album, following huge acclaim for 2016’s Eagle in the Sky, Anderssen returns at last as an artist with new experiences and influences to share with her dedicated fanbase. Waiting such a long time between album releases is a gamble, but is it one that pays off?

State of the Land sees Anderssen sounding more diverse and compelling than ever before. Her distinctive, crisp vocal takes centre stage on a tender, moving, and often uplifting release that steadily steals your heart. Opening with the beautiful The Lark, the depth of the State of the Land is immediately apparent. This is a release that you will fall in love with upon first listening, but get to know properly with each subsequent play.

Previous singles Aimee, The Airport, and State of the Land are obvious single selections, but while they dazzle with their immediacy, it is in the reflective soaring moment of Yes, I Am and the sweeping Good to Be Kind that State of the Land really delivers those tingling feels.

Although Anderssen was never fully absent from her audience’s heart and had steadily teased the album release over the last few years with some key singles, the arrival of State of the Land is one that will be met with not just applause and acclaim from her fanbase, but one that will see her once again claim numerous awards for this gorgeously rich collection.