Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
12:06 PM 29th August 2019

Already Thinking Christmas!

What? Seriously it’s not even September and I’m thinking Christmas already.

In my defence I’ve been buying in the Christmas stock ready for October, November and December as it’s one of my busiest times of the year running 5 companies and offering Christmas packing services, we are all kept very busy in the offices, but I absolutely love it and love getting into the Christmas spirit.

This year is even more exciting as this December in my role as youth ambassador for Brooke Action for working horses, donkeys and mules I am having the opportunity to help organise their first ‘Christmas in Yorkshire event’ a Christmas themed afternoon tea, country clothing fashion show and Christmas carols – what’s not to love about clothes and tea!

The event is being organised to raise funds for the charity and help ease the pain and suffering of hard working horses, donkeys and mules. By booking tickets and attending the event you’ll be helping the families who depend on them for their livelihood in some of the world’s poorest communities. After my visit to Kenya with the Brooke charity earlier this month I’m even more passionate about the charity then I was before the trip, so I am going to make this a spectacular event. You can find out more about it here -

As well as organising events and ordering stock, I’m currently working on the next Little Alf book (eek!) which is all set to be released October/ November this year – date still to be confirmed. It’s taken me a little while longer to write this one, after launching my new company ‘Russell Home interiors & gifts’ and going to Kenya with the charity I’ve not had much spare time, but will be finishing the final chapter this September and sending it to the proof readers. I’m quite excited to release the cover of this book it’s very autumn themed....

Talking of Christmas the nights are now beginning to draw in slowly away here in the Yorkshire Dales and Alfie is getting his winter coat! It won’t be long until he is a woolly! I think he secretly enjoys winter time as he gets to come in to his stable more often than not.

Ever since I’ve got back from Kenya Alfie has not been on his best behaviour and has been causing all sorts of havoc. Yesterday he was teasing my oldest pony and trying to pull his mane and this morning he escaped in to this big paddock full of grass so I spent just under an hour trying to catch him!