Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
8:00 AM 10th March 2021

Around The World In 1,900 Miles – The Ultimate UK Roadtrip

International travel may be on temporary hold, however, it is still possible to go globetrotting within the UK thanks to a very special trip.

To provide inspiration for a Great British summer holiday like no other, Avis UK has created the ultimate ‘UK Global Road Trip’, taking in many of the country’s famously named hotspots.

Ticking off five continents and 10 countries, you’ll cover around 1,900 miles on the road if you manage to take in all the listed location.

Key highlights include:

USA: With English settlers creating many of the initial colonies in the United States of America, it’s no surprise that both the UK and the USA share many place names. Boston in Lincolnshire is the largest and best-known of these, along with its neighbouring village of New York. However, there is also Hollywood in Worcestershire, Philadelphia in Sunderland, Denver in Norfolk, Washington in West Sussex and a Texan double whammy of Houston and Dallas in Scotland.

Europe: While languages vary around the continent, they have in fact inspired a handful of similarly named places with our European neighbours. Dunkirk is found in both Kent and Gloucestershire, while Petty France is also in Gloucestershire and appears to have once been the home to French refugees, possibly after the Napoleonic war. Staffordshire boasts hints of the renaissance era with the village of Florence, along with the Germanic influenced suburb of Dresden, while the hamlet of Moscow in East Ayrshire originated as a misspelling of ‘Moss Hall’ but was cemented as Moscow in 1812 when Napoleon retreated from the original Russian city. Interestingly, the Scottish hamlet also shares the same latitude (55° North) as the Russian city.

Rest of the World: While Warwickshire may not boast a beach or be famous for its sunshine, it is home to the tropically named hamlet of Bermuda, which was once a thriving pit village. So too was Toronto in Durham, named by the Canadian coal baron who established it. Those in search of warmer sounding places will enjoy checking out Columbia in Tyne & Wear, Palestine in Hampshire and Sydney in Crewe (but we can’t guarantee the weather…).

Nina Bell, Managing Director, UK & Scandinavia, Avis Budget Group commented: “With foreign travel likely to be limited again this year, these unusual circumstances provide a real opportunity to spend some time getting creative by planning a different type of road trip, whilst exploring some of the beautiful scenery the UK has to offer.

“While many are feeling frustrated with travel restrictions and the continued uncertainty, we hope we can help inspire people to start thinking outside of the box when planning their staycation this year and have a fun trip to look forward to when restrictions permit. “