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Simon Bartle
Visual Arts Correspondent
6:06 PM 4th April 2019

Aspects Of York Exhibition: At The Blue Tree Gallery, York

Colin Binns, Entering the Museum Gardens; Douglas Hill, Monk Bar; Paulo Lazzerini, The World of York
Colin Binns, Entering the Museum Gardens; Douglas Hill, Monk Bar; Paulo Lazzerini, The World of York
This exhibition explores York through the eyes of four exceptional painters. The works explore historic York, its architecture and distinctive scenery.

This is a small compact exhibition, which punches well above its weight, and presents a mix of work, which takes you on a new and exciting journey around York. The works capture the multiple views that we all recognise, but presents them in new ways.

This exhibition unashamedly celebrates York, and is comprised of original paintings by Colin Binns, Douglas Hill, and sister and brother, Giuliana and Paolo Lazzerini.

Colin Binns' works are montages on paper using combinations of ink, watercolour, gouache, pastel and collage, which draw you into the scenes of York, and envelop you in the atmosphere which they create. Colin creates very memorable works, which shape your experience of walking through York's rich architecture.

Once you see his work, it will take over all your senses. It will come as no surprise, to learn that Colin has had a major retrospective exhibition at the Salford City Gallery and Museum in 2017.

Yorkshire born, Douglas Hill is a plein-air painter, and is well established having had his work exhibited right across Great Britain in the course of a long career. Twenty two years spent in Cornwall and St Ives has certainly shaped his work, and was demonstrably time well spent.

His works Clifford's Tower, oil, 36 x 51cm, and Monk Bar, oil, 69 x 56 cm, are both 'must sees'. These are 'stand and stare' works, which you have to consciously draw yourself away from, because otherwise you would be there all day.

Giuliana Lazzerini has lived in Yorkshire since 1987. Originally from Tuscany, Guiliana studied at Accademia Di Belle Arti in Carrara. She has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout Europe. Guiliana's painting Golden Bridge, acrylic, 30 x 30 cm is rich in colour. It is simply exquisite, and it has vibrancy, and passion. Although the work is relatively small, you will find viewing it compulsive. Giuliana says of her work:

"This series of paintings is about my experience of Yorkshire after nearly 30 years living in the region. I have now lots of memories from which to unleash my imagination."

Judging by the work that she is exhibiting she certainly has set free her emotions, and we are the beneficiaries. Giuliana's work is all about colour, and it will hardly come as a surprise to learn that she has won many awards. Her radiant, beautifully balanced, semi abstract compositions are an experience not to be missed.

Paolo Lazzerini, also born in Tuscany, and he too studied at Accademia Di Belle Arti in Carrara. Paolo has exhibited in galleries across the world, and now has his own gallery in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. Whilst his work was noticed, and complemented at an early age, he instead set up a graphic design business, and pursued that calling for many years. However, he never abandoned art, and since leaving his career in graphic design behind, he has re-entered the art arena with fresh eyes, and a new found intensity.

The World of York, mixed media, 70 x 50 cm, is a bird's-eye view of Clifford's Tower. It draws you in, and takes you on a journey. It is a testament to his innate ability to communicate effectively with his audience. His mixed media work, York Minster Under The Moon, 70 x 70 cm is quite simply a showstopper.

The exhibition is well worth seeing, so go on stray off the beaten track, and for sure put this celebration of excellence on your itinerary.

The Aspects of York Exhibition can be found at blue tree gallery, 23 Bootham, York YO30 7BW, which is five minutes from York Minster, and also close to York Art Galley.

The Exhibition runs until 1st June 2019.

This is a commercial Art Gallery and its Opening Times are: Open Monday to Saturday from 10:30am - 5:30pm. Closed Sundays. Admission is Free.

For full details please go to web:-