Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
8:21 PM 22nd October 2018

Autumn With Little Alf

The leaves are falling off the trees in the fields as the windy weather begins to creep in and Alf loves it!

Everyday I hear him crunching the leaves; he’s like my very own leaf sweeper. There is something about the slightly cooler crisp mornings that the horses love. I’m not really sure what it is but everytime I walk down the fields they always have a spring in their step.

Alfie looks particularly woolly now as his winter coat has come through. He looks like a big bear and people often remark they could sit and cuddle him for hours as his hair is so soft… or it is when he’s not rolling in the mud!

It’s taken me a few weeks to get back into the office and sit down and write properly. I've been very full on with events, writing books and shop related things recently so haven’t had much time for anything else, but it feels good to be sat back behind my computer again with a mug of Yorkshire tea.

I can see Alfie in the field as I type and he’s currently trying to play with Pepper who isn’t very amused by his behaviour.

I can't quite believe that it’s been one whole year since ‘Little Alf – The true story of a pint sized pony who found his forever home’ was published. It is amazing how the time has flown by. I remember being so chuffed at having an article in the Daily Mail shortly after we became bestselling authors on Amazon.

At the start of October we found ourselves back at the Horse of the Year show, which was yet another brilliant event. This year I returned with new books and a few new products.

It’s always lovely to meet Little Alf fans and meet new ones as well, but by the end of a long tiring week and five days of book signing I couldn’t wait to get back home to the Yorkshire Dales. I was very happy to see the signs for the North as we drove by late Sunday night.

I always miss the ponies when I’m away with work. They are all very much part of the family so we love to be reunited with them.

Moving on to November we have a new book being launched. I’ve not revealed too much about it yet as final touches are still to be made to the story, but I can’t wait to see it published. We’ve not published a book like it in the past so I’m looking forward to seeing the response…

Since Halloween is only a few days away I’m going to try pumpkin picking this year. It seems to be a new trendy thing so going to give it a whirl, although unfortunately I won’t be able to take Alfie along with me as I could see that being a recipe for disaster!

I hardly dare mention Christmas but it’s just around the corner and I’ve already been looking at what to get Alfie this year…