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4:07 AM 30th October 2021

Backing Bridlington-landed Lobster, Crab, Fish & Local Produce

A new 'high quality' seafood restaurant, Salt on the Harbour, has just opened overlooking Bridlington harbour, East Yorkshire, after a £250,000 investment that includes a full building refurbishment and jobs for 30 full- and part-time staff.

Salt on the Harbour is now offering an a la carte evening menu as part of a rich culinary offering that also includes full day time and evening seafood-oriented restaurant and bar meals.

With stunning harbour and seafront views over two floors next to the South Quay, Salt on the Harbour has been a love affair from day one for local entrepreneur and restaurateur Michael Harrison, who has put his money where his mouth is by supporting Bridlington's lobster, crab and fish industry and local food producers.

Salt on the Harbour Chefs (L-R) Steve Chandler and Richard Gardner
Salt on the Harbour Chefs (L-R) Steve Chandler and Richard Gardner
"We buy and source all our crab, lobster, and seafood right here from approved dealers in Bridlington harbour - you can see it landed right outside. We are totally committed to providing the very best quality, locally landed seafood.

"We look into what goes into our meals very, very closely and are prioritising buying locally and reducing our food miles at all times, which means Yorkshire reared beef and lamb.

"If it's not produced or grown right here in Yorkshire we look as close to home as possible - our oysters are Northumbrian.

"The fishermen are pleased we are backing it, too - especially considering the difficulties the fishing industry has faced with Brexit-related exports and also creating new markets for shellfish in the UK's hospitality sector."