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Graham Clark
Features Writer
7:00 AM 29th December 2019

Bad Manners Show Their Good Manners At Holmfirth

It wouldn't be Christmas without turkey and Christmas dinner and it wouldn't be Christmas without Bad Manners making their annual trip to Holmfirth Picturedrome.

By the time you read this the band will have been to Barcelona, then they go back to Brighton and up to Scotland for a New Years Eve gig. Their brand of ska has never gone out of fashion and who can forget those legendary Top of the Pops appearances from the early 80's when Bad Manners were never off the Thursday night TV show.

Buster Bloodvessel is the only original member who remains of the group "I've put on some weight for you Holmfirth" he teases the sold out audience. In reality he is a lot thinner these days, but that long tongue he is fond of displaying at any given opportunity is still the same.

The 8 piece band are tighter than a Yorkshire man's wallet - their experience of playing the same set over the last year shows. They continue with instrumentals when Bloodvessel leaves the stage but the party continues.

This Is Ska warms up the audience, many of who were down at the front, were not even born until at least a decade after the band's success, though apparently there was a fan dancing away who was celebrating his 75th birthday!

Lorraine minus the doll Bloodvessel used to dance with on Top of the Pops is just as barmy as it was back in the day. Walking in the Sunshine when originally released displayed how the band had tried to develop their sound and remains one of the best tracks.

The Frankie Valli cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off You is still heavily handed by the band with it sounding more like a football chant, whilst Special Brew takes everyone back to 1980.

By now the dance floor resembles a school disco, but it would not be awash with beer like tonight. The band encore with Lip Up Fatty, a mass of topless males dance in unison and it feels like you are at the best party in town.

The Can Can comes at the right time, Bloodvessel kicks his legs into the air, the fans down the front mock him and it was a case of you just had to be there to believe it.

How many of the fans will feel the morning after who knows, whatever everyone had a good time. Bad Manners will be on that plane to Barcelona, but tonight the sun shone in Holmfirth.