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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
12:51 PM 2nd May 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend - A Few Busy Days...

Alfie and Hannah going for a walk
Alfie and Hannah going for a walk
I just love bank holiday weekends as it means a 3 day weekend rather than the 2 days we are used to! Alfie and I have been very busy.

Although yesterday (Monday) I headed to Springtime Live for a day of book signing at Harrogate Show Ground, which was so much fun and really enjoyable. I didn't realise the event even existed until I was contacted a few months ago by one of the organisers.

Little Alf usually travels to book signings with me, but due to the crowds at Springtime Live being over 5,000, I decided it was best to leave him at home. Sometimes he can get a little overwhelmed and the day can be really long and tiring for him!

As the day began and the people flooded in I was super happy I had gone solo, despite the fact it wasn't the same without Alfie by my side. I could see the sun shining outside through the glass windows so I knew he would be at home enjoying himself in the paddock.

Over the weekend I made it my task to give Alfie a good groom and hopefully a bath, although he hates water so I always try my best to make it fun for him.

Alfie's summer coat is nearly here, but he still has some of his winter hair which is causing him to get quite irritated and hot.

So Saturday morning I got the grooming brushes out and gave him a good pamper, which he seemed to really enjoy. I did manage to groom out a lot of his winter coat which was a huge bonus! I opted against giving Alfie a bath in the end as he really does dislike water. I'm not really sure why, but he has always hated bad weather and especially rain. I can't really blame him as I hate it too.

Alfie with a crow on his back
Alfie with a crow on his back
After Alfie's groom I took him for some exercise down the village and Alfie had a skip in his step as we walked down the street. He always enjoys going for walks and munches the fallen leaves off the trees as he goes along. I think he also loves going as he gets lots of attention and we have a few village residents who bring Alfie carrots when they see him passing by their window. I do have to watch that he doesn't pinch the neighbours plants. Alfie has always been quite partial to pulling the heads off flowers, but I'm not really sure why...

Alfie and I had a really enjoyable bank holiday weekend!

Today he is munching the grass in his paddock while the crows pinch the last of his winter coat from him. It is quite comical to watch. I think they must be using his hair to build a nest....