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7:00 AM 21st July 2022

Beat Airport Chaos With A Cost-Effect Drive To Europe!

Disastrous airline cancellations and disruption at airports across the country are putting thousands of holidays at risk this summer. But according to the used car buying service,, all hope is not lost.

Using some of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations, ChooseMyCar has calculated the cost and time difference between flying and driving to your summer break. they discovered that taking the car can be as cost-effective as hopping on a plane - with the added bonus of knowing your car trip won’t be cancelled.

UK airports have faced chaos recently with renowned airlines, including British Airways, opting to halt tens of thousands of flights.

And the decision by several airports to not fine airlines for cancelling their slots has allowed several to ground numerous flights without fear of penalty.

British holidaymakers are now facing tough decisions over whether to risk booking flights abroad for their summer holiday.However, driving may be an alternative.

Using Stratford upon Avon as a starting point in the UK, ChooseMyCar found that some European destinations were actually cheaper to get to via car - especially when factoring in the cost of hiring cars if people opt to fly instead.

One destination explored is the popular Spanish resort town of Salou. According to the research, flying to Salou as a family of four would incur costs of over £2,000, and would take approximately 14 hours from start to finish.

Yet the same journey by car would cost just £1100 - and take just three more hours.

Other popular summer destinations that have been explored include:

Nice: 12 hours and £2270 to fly, compared to 15 hours and £1134 to drive
Malaga: 12 hours and £2100 to fly, compared to 24 hours and £1440 to drive
Naples: 13 hours and £2600 to fly, compared to 22 hours and £1450 to drive
Algarve: 14 hours and £2270 to fly, compared to 48 hours and £1640 to drive
La Rochelle: 10 hours and £2370 to fly, compared to 11 hours and £723 to drive
Zandvoort: 9 hours and £2420 to fly, compared to 8 hours and £549 to drive

Founder of ChooseMyCar, Nick Zapolski, said that the research gave many families hope that they could still enjoy a holiday abroad this summer.

“It’s not surprising that many people have decided not to bother going away because of all the airport chaos and risk of cancellations.

“But driving can actually be a great way of seeing Europe, as well as having no risk of cancellations. I for one would be happy to spend a bit more time and money if it meant guaranteeing a break away for me and my family.”

More details on these trips can be found at ChooseMyCar, see