Yorkshire Times
Voice of the North
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
6:00 AM 29th June 2020

Benjamin Biolay - Grand Prix

Benjamin Biolay is close to reaching the 20th anniversary of his debut album, Rose Kennedy. Since it's release he has seen his grounding in the French-language music scene really solidified, but it hasn't been without it's twists and turns. Three years on from one of his most successful albums to date, Volver, he returns with his ninth studio album, Grand Prix.

Grand Prix is essentially a concept album. Written as an homage to women and cars, Grand Prix explores the life of a high-flyer. As something a high-flyer himself, the concept really isn't far removed from the life that the actor, singer and songwriter himself lives and the honesty within the lyrics echoes the reality of the experiences explored.

While the album does pick up on the musical leanings of its predecessor, vocally Benjamin is at his very strongest. Taking on an almost Iggy Pop-esque presence, there is a little extra charisma to his crooning, which really lifts the album to a new and interesting level.

Grand Prix still has the nostalgic feel of his former records, and while there are hints of a late 80s influence, Grand Prix also has a strong Brit-Pop vibe to it, which only serves to heighten its appeal.

With a real melancholic dance vibe, Grand Prix has universal appeal.