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1:00 AM 4th August 2023

Bio-D And LESS Join Forces To Help Consumers Reduce Single-use Plastic Waste

As plans for environmental schemes across the UK continue to stall, green cleaning company Bio-D and national provider of refill solutions LESS are joining forces to help consumers reduce single-use plastic waste.

With a recent report from the National Audit Office demonstrating the government still ‘hasn’t made any effective long-term plans to reduce waste that contributes to climate change’, and growing recognition that all consumers can help by doing their bit, Bio-D and LESS have collaborated to make available a new stainless-steel ‘Bottle for Life’ suitable for Bio-D’s laundry liquids.

Highly durable with the potential to last for decades, the stainless-steel bottles can be refilled for years and gives shoppers an alternative to purchasing product sold in disposable plastic packaging.

Roger Sharp, co-founder of LESS, said:
"We’re excited to join forces with Bio-D to introduce our stainless-steel ‘Bottle for Life’ for its laundry liquids.

“This collaboration shows our shared commitment to offering innovative solutions that give consumers a way to prevent plastic waste. We worked closely with Bio-D to demonstrate the suitability of its laundry products in our stainless-steel bottles. Consumers can refill into stainless-steel bottles for life at home, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles."

Refilling cleaning products at home can help consumers prevent a substantial amount of plastic waste. A typical household purchases roughly one plastic laundry detergent bottle each month, creating 12 bottles of plastic waste each and every year. By using the stainless-steel ‘Bottle for Life’ and refilling from home, consumers can prevent this.

Created from 100% naturally derived ingredients, Bio-D’s range of laundry liquids contain a gentle but effective concentrated formulation, that provides 25 washes per litre bottle. Its laundry liquids can also be used at low temperatures to help reduce carbon emissions from your wash cycle.

LESS is a UK start-up focused on reducing plastic waste for personal care and household products and works with brands to get their products to market with little or no single-use plastic. Its solutions enable brands to prevent upwards of 60% of their single-use primary plastic packaging waste