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10:11 AM 5th March 2024

Bluebird K7 Returns To Coniston

Donald Campbell’s world-famous record winning boat K7 will return to Coniston on Saturday March 9th.

After years of negotiation, it has been agreed that the boat will return to Coniston to be displayed in the Ruskin Museum, having been restored by Bill Smith and his team of volunteers based in Newcastle.

A team from the Ruskin Museum will travel to Bill Smith’s workshop in Hudson Street, North Shields, where the boat will be inspected and then transferred to a flatbed lorry for its journey to the museum.

Jeff Carroll, Vice Chairman of the Ruskin Museum Trustees, said:
“It will be an emotional moment for all concerned. We are hoping that the removal from Mr Smith’s workshop which has been Bluebird’s home for the last 23 years, will be accomplished easily and quickly but the boat must be checked. We have to ensure that this priceless piece of Britain’s Heritage is properly stowed for its journey to Coniston.

“We thank Bill and The Bluebird Project volunteers for the restoration work that they have done and for passing it to the Ruskin Museum, where it will be displayed for all to see and where it will start the next stage of its journey.”

It is expected that lots of people will turn out to see the boat on its journey and that villagers in the Cumbrian village of Coniston will be out in force.

Welcoming the boat back to Coniston and to her new home will be Gina Campbell, Donald Campbell’s daughter.

Jeff said:
“It is anticipated that the boat will leave North Shields between 11am and 12 noon and will then travel to the A69 via the A1058, joining the A167 M at Jesmond and the A69 at Denton, then travel along the A69 to junction 43 on the M6.

“Then it will travel down the M6 to junction 36, where it will take the A590 to Greenodd. From there it will take the A5092 to Lowick Green, the A5084 to Torver and then the A 593 into Coniston.

“Due to logistics, it will be impossible to give exact timings we estimate that it will then take around four hours to Coniston with the boat arriving between 3.30pm and 4pm.”