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9:11 AM 1st April 2021

Brits Urged To Get Their Dogs Ready For The End Of Lockdown

UK's cleaning expert throws homeless dogs afternoon tea party to help ease them out of lockdown.

Is there anything more joyous than watching a group of yappy dogs playing together and enjoying endless treats?

Nothing quite compares to it, according to UK cleaning expert Dr. Beckmann, the manufacturer of the hugely popular Pet Stain & Odour Remover.

Dr. Beckmann loves dogs and after the company saw reports from experts claiming the end of lockdown could prove particularly tough for Britain’s pooches, they decided to act – partnering with Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home and arranging a special Lockdown Quaran-tea party (or Pawty in dog’s speak) to give a group of abandoned dogs some much-needed lockdown cheer.

Puppy ownership surged during lockdown as two thirds of people described their new four-legged friend as a lifeline, but now pet rescue centres are worried about a potential deluge of dogs forced into their care because owners have less time at home as lockdown ends and Britain goes back to the office.

“Many people have either adopted dogs or have been spending all their time with their dogs for months because of lockdown,” says Anna Stansfield, Home Manager of Cheshire Dogs’ Home.

“Dogs will of course have loved the company, but people do now need to start preparing their dogs for life post-lockdown, especially if they’re going to be returning to work.

“Dogs who are used to spending extended periods of time with their human families can suffer from separation anxiety when owners are suddenly away from home. This is distressing for the dogs but can also be very upsetting for their human families – but the great news is, good preparation now can really help.

“As of now, dog owners who will at some point be going back to work should try to spend some time away from their dogs each day, even if it’s just an hour in a different room or in the garden where your dog can’t see you. Make sure the dog has toilet time and a walk first. ‘Alone time’ should have something positive around it for your dog, such as a filled chew toy or a long-lasting chewy treat.

“The practice absences can be extended and built up to simulate your work routine. If you’ll be working in the evenings, make sure these practice absences are in the evening too. Dogs have been such a comfort to people during lockdown, but now we all need to make sure that a return to work isn’t a really stressful time for our four-legged friends.”

To bring some much-needed relief to the dogs in lockdown in kennels at Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home, Dr. Beckmann threw an afternoon tea party complete with paw-secco, doggie treats, party hats and plenty of bones.

The dogs had an afternoon of unbridled fun as Staffordshire Bull Terriers played with Border Collies and indulged in a tug of war with the tablecloth!

And Dr. Beckmann has now partnered with the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home to raise awareness of the potential post-lockdown dogs’ plight.

Dr. Beckmann spokesperson Susan Fermor said:
“It’s been a hard time for all of us over the past few months and we wanted to help support Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home who have felt the impact of not being able to have the doors open as usual.

“It’s been fantastic to see wagging tails of the dogs enjoying themselves as many have been on lockdown longer than they should’ve been.”

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