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1:00 AM 6th January 2024

Bullseye Brainteaser - Can You Spot The Differences

Following the whirlwind success of Luke ‘the Nuke’ Littler and his record-breaking final in the World Darts Championship, betting sites comparison website Punter’s Pub has released a tricky ‘spot the difference’ brainteaser.

The game features a darts championship collage with five devilishly difficult differences, but can YOU spot them all?

Credit: Punter’s Pub
Credit: Punter’s Pub

The World’s Dart Championships final has become Sky Sports’ most-watched non-football event in history, with 4.8 million viewers turning in to watch the showdown between stalwart Luke Humphries and newcomer Luke Littler.

Despite falling short in the final, 16-year-old Littler has made headlines throughout his meteoric rise through the World Darts Championships ranks, obliterating competition, including the likes of darts legend Raymond van Barneveld, a five-time world champion.

However, Luke Humphries was ultimately triumphant after a 7-4 victory, which saw him win the sport’s coveted Sid Waddell trophy for the first time.

The event’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, was delighted with the huge surge in the Championship’s viewers, claiming more fans tuned in to the Darts' showdown than the Ashes or the Ryder Cup.

A spokesperson from Punter's Pub said:
“Luke Littler has breathed new life into the world of darts, and his cheeky personality and self-professed love of kebabs have made him a hit with fans, which is clear from the outpouring of support from viewers of the World Darts Championships final.

“We hope people who have found a new passion for the sport will enjoy our ‘spot the difference’ brainteaser to celebrate - and it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes them to spot the changes!”

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Puzzle provided by Punter's Pub