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9:00 AM 26th January 2020

California Stargazing At Mammoth Lakes

Whether you’re a hobby astronomer, a first-time stargazer or planning a quiet getaway to California’s Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes is the perfect destination for some jaw-dropping stargazing.

A bustling mountain town and world-class ski resort by day, by night Mammoth Lakes becomes a gateway to the heavens. Discover five of the best spots for stargazing in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Minaret Vista a favourite stargazing spot amongst the locals. With no obstruction from buildings, lights or trees due to its high elevation cutting through atmosphere, The Vista is ideal. The viewpoint offers panoramic views of the mountains, a place where visitors can enjoy a breath-taking sunset followed by a beautiful display of stars.

Perhaps one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the western US, Bodie was a thriving boomtown with over 10,000 people and home to one of the richest gold strikes in California. Now deserted, Bodie makes for a prime stargazing spot. This wild, wide-open gold mining town had a notorious reputation for danger and depravity, inspiring the famous quote “Goodbye, God, I’m going to Bodie - a diary entry from a little girl moving from San Francisco to Bodie.

Mono Lake
Dubbed ‘California’s Dead Sea’, Mono Lake is one of the Eastern Sierra’s most spectacular (and perhaps most bizarre) natural wonders. One of the oldest lakes in North America, Mono Lake is surrounded by the grand beauty of rugged, granite-peaked Sierra Nevada Mountains. Be sure to look out for the ‘tufa towers,’ spires of porous rock formations that look like they belong on the surface of the moon.

Borrow Pit
The Borrow Pit is the best of backcountry, with wide-open spaces and little to obstruct spectacular views of the sprawling stars. A visit in the winter means plenty of snow, with skiing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing all on offer.

Alkali Lakes
A series of three lakes, the Alkali Lakes offer a stunning reflection of stars, transforming the landscape into outer space. It’s also the best spot for watching the annual spectacular Perseid meteor shower, which takes place every August.

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