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8:00 AM 8th March 2021

Call Of The Wild (And Wi-fi!)

A conservation tourism company with safari lodges in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe is adapting to the new challenges of the worldwide pandemic by equipping its properties for longer stays aimed at so-called ‘slow travellers’.

Noticing the increasing number of solo traveller and family guests staying for longer and combining work with safari, Great Plains have adapted and made changes at camps to cater to the new requirements of longer-stay guests.

“As we emerge from restricted travel and a time of reflection, I think that travel will be different, evolved in many ways, to satisfy our own new perceptions on what we can live without and what is meaningful to include in our lives,” said Dereck Joubert, CEO and co-funder of Great Plains.
“Travellers will travel less but more meaningfully and they will be looking for longer stay user-friendly experiences.”

Great Plains has increased in-room Wi-Fi speed, the number of charging USB sockets and replaced desks that were fine for a day or two, with large ‘partner’s desks,’ so guests who are working remotely can stay connected and work from camp in comfort with five-star hospitality.

Long stay guests can easily change their daily itinerary at camp to suit their needs whether it be a later start to the day, a longer afternoon siesta at camp or a private bush family supper.

Although in-room internet connection will be faster than ever before, camp bedrooms will continue to be the only area at all Great Plains properties where internet is available, so guests have the choice to stay online or disconnect during their stay.

“Why not work from a place where you don’t need an artificial Zoom background! Where the air is clean and pure, where you can take comfort in the fact that safety protocols are standard practice and where, when you do go out, you can really delve into your safari.”

Great Plains is welcoming holiday and business travellers to their camps in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

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