Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
2:20 AM 26th October 2020

Cam - The Otherside

Cam is not an artist who has ever rushed released. Back in 2010 she made her independent debut with the collection Heartforward. Later on she would describe the set as simply being more an experimentation than a finished release.

However, those that heard it will be aware of the strength of the vocals and songwriting. These were further showcased with her brilliant, but underappreciated 2015 label debut Untamed, which of course saw her achieve huge acclaim for the epic Burning House. Since then, there have been label issues and exciting developments in her personal life. But finally her third studio album, The Otherside arrives.

Fans of her 2017 single, Diane, will be thrilled that the song has finally found a home, even if 2018's Palace and Road To Happiness have missed out on a spot. Perhaps a decision made on storyline, or on simple preference, but they will be missed by her loyal audience.

That being said, the biggest surprise of the collection is that Diane is without any doubt the album's crowning moment. As with 2015's Untamed, the album as a collection is strong, but there are obvious stand out moments that really shine brighter than others.

Although Diane takes the crown, there are also lush moments to be found in the wonderful Like A Movie, Classic and the brilliant single Till There's Nothing Left.

The Otherside is a decent return from a very promising talent.