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1:00 AM 20th January 2024

Can You Spot The Difference? Featuring Iconic Mean Girls Moment



Ahead of the brand-new Mean Girls 2024 film, have created a Mean Girls themed ‘spot the difference’ game.

The game is designed to engage the mind and celebrate the brand-new movie release.

Set in the hallways of the iconic 2004 film, over two decades old, this new game invites players to spot five subtle differences between two similar images.

Challenge yourself to spot the 5 differences between these two Mean Girls scenes in 15 seconds or less.

Participants are presented with two seemingly identical Mean Girls scenes and must use their sharp eye for detail to identify the five differences.

This game is an excellent opportunity for players to pay real attention to their favourite Mean Girls characters.

Commenting on the brain teaser, a spokesperson for says:
“If you are a Mean Girls fan, then look no further. This quick brain teaser could be just the game for you.

“The new 2024 film is in our cinemas from Friday 12th January, and is the perfect brain stimulator if you need a work break or just something to fill time.

“On Wednesdays, we don’t always wear pink...”

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1. Cady Heron’s necklace pendant is missing
2. Karen Smiths bracelet has turned clear green
3. Regina George’s top has changed to purple
4. Gretchen Weiners’ lips are red
5. Gretchen Weiners’ watch has disappeared


Did you manage to spot them all?