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Graham Clark
Features Writer
2:27 PM 13th October 2020

Charity Single To Be Released For Disabled Yorkshire Woman

Hampshire artist Will Purdue releases a new single to raise money for West Yorkshire's Riona Kelly who was left paralysed after a fall and who went on to find love with her personal trainer ex rugby star Keith Mason.

Aged 34, Riona Kelly fell down the stairs, suffered a rare spinal stroke, and was left paralysed. Her husband then left her whilst she was in the hospital, and she became a disabled single mother of four children.

However, not only can she now walk, she found love with ex rugby star, Keith Mason, who began helping with her physical recovery. With an incredible amount of perseverance and support, Riona is now walking. She plans to walk a full mile as part of their 100 mile challenge, with Keith pulling her in her wheelchair for the other ninety nine!

This song is both a celebration of their journey, but also an important tool for raising money for Riona. All of the sale proceeds will go directly to Riona's recovery, and any extra will go into a foundation.

Will was chosen for the project for his ability to convey both sides of a story within a song, and the track features both the darkness 'To see the fear in all I hold dear' and the incredible light of their jouney 'Here we stand, I've never been so proud’. The song was recorded at Barge Belle, a stunning riverboat studio in London.

The song is out on Monday 19th Oct and will be available as purchase only (no streaming as the sales are needed to raise funds), and will be available from all major online retailers.

Will Purdue – Heart on Fire
Single: Released OCT 19th
Heart On Fire (A song for Riona & Keith)