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Graham Clark
Features Writer
10:50 AM 15th July 2020

Chef Akila - Healthy Curries On Line From A Yorkshire Kitchen

Based in Keighley Chef Akila is a new award winning start up that specialises in healthy curries that are freshly frozen and then delivered to houses anywhere in the county.

You might wonder who Akila is? The 75 year old from India, now living in Yorkshire has been cooking real Indian food for over 60 years. Her son Dr Senthil Kumar who works with geriatric patients at Airedale Hospital started the business up with his mum.

Akila says:
"If it isn't good enough for my grand children it doesn't leave my kitchen."

Meals are ordered on line and are freshly frozen and delivered the next day after ordering. You just then heat up the meal and enjoy a healthy meal in minutes. All the meals are fully cooked from scratch before being fast frozen using Yorkshire produce from their local butcher.

Even the packaging is friendly for the environment too - 98% of the packaging is compostable and biogradable and 100% of it is recyclable.

For every meal you buy from them, they donate a meal to a needy child in India.

The meals are prepared by Akila where she works with two other team members in a specially designed five star hygiene rated kitchen on a floor of the Doctors house.

Eighty percent of ingredients used in the curries are certified organic and have no artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings, processing aids, modified starches or sweetners.

The Yorkshire Farm Chicken Curries are priced at £8.00 for a 640 gram large pack that serves two people. Dishes include Delhi Butter Chicken, Pepper Chicken Curry and the Village Chicken Curry - the latter of which I can say is just as tasty as any curry I have had in India or even Bradford.

There is a selection of slow cooked Biryanis and Rice which start from £5.00.

Also on offer are 6 Vegan and Vegetarian curries which again are priced at £8.00.

Ideal for two are the Chefs Choice Curry Boxes which come in various options such as Meat Lovers Curry Box, Vegetarian Curry Box which are ideal for 2 people if you are having a night in.

Order on line at:
WhatsApp 07946 854811