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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
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12:00 AM 15th June 2024

Chocolate Heaven For Kids At Cadbury World

With lots to do on a day out with the family, our arts correspondent, Jeremy Williams-Chalmers, spent a day exploring Birmingham's Cadbury World with his two excited children, and if truth be known for dad too!

When you ask people about things Birmingham is famous for, it doesn't matter where you are in the world; you will get a fair few people mentioning the rather yummy Cadbury's. Having grown up in Moseley, which is just a few miles away from Cadbury's home in Bournville, I am more than familiar with the chocolate and the scrumptious smell that used to fill the surrounding area. However, having left Birmingham over 20 years ago (gosh, where does the time go?), I was surprised when I mentioned to old friends that I was taking the children to Cadbury World, and they immediately responded, "it's not as good as it used to be", or "oh, don't expect the freebies we got as kids".

Calum and Skye
Calum and Skye
However, when mentioning our trip to my two children, Calum (7) and Skye (3), the response was an enthusiastic one. They didn't ask about potential freebies; they were just excited that they would get to indulge in whatever the experience had to offer them.

So, we set off early to explore what Cadbury World had to offer these days, with my own mindset to enjoy the moment and not spend it nostalgically recalling times gone by.

Fortunately, the latter task proved to be effortless. With two young children, it is easy to lose yourself in their excitement. They had no preconceived notion of what to expect and were thrilled when they saw the Caramel Bunny upon entering the building, and even more delighted that they were gifted a chocolate bar each as we went through the museum section of the visit.

The brief exploration of cocoa's journey of discovery, culminating in Cadbury's arrival at their first product, is well structured and interspersed with short videos and games to keep the children engaged and learning. Upon arrival in Birmingham, it is via two short theatrical settings that the story unfolds. While the scene documentary's setting did slightly lose my two, they loved the shaking chairs and air spurts within the second screening, which saw the journey from bean to bar.

From the introduction to the production phase, both children were ecstatic as the level of interaction increased. From watching the making of Roses through to their own chocolate tempering attempts, via the creation of their own Marvellous Creation (which they got to eat! ), the enjoyment level raised with each twist and turn. However, the highlight was the arrival of the 4D Chocolate Adventure Cinema. With all the characters (although most importantly Freddo) present, the twists and turns, 3D glasses, and 'rollercoaster chairs' were the thrill the kids were seeking (and Daddy also enjoyed it very much!).

With the tour element at an end, the large play area and far too tempting cafe rounded out our morning wonderfully.

Children still love the experience Cadbury World offers, despite my friends' assertion that it's not the same as when we were younger. My two walked away with their freebie chocolates (and some more from the fairly priced shop) and huge chocolatey grins on their faces, making this one a very worthwhile experience. This experience is definitely worth considering for a morning or afternoon excursion.

I know how Charlie felt now visiting Willy Wonka's fictional chocolate factory.

Opening times today: 10am - 4:30pm (Last Entry at 3pm)

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