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12:01 AM 22nd December 2023

Christmas Spotlight: Lee Thompson

Yet again for 2023, we’re bringing back our popular festive spotlight — featuring regional businesspeople from across the north. On each day of Advent, we’ll be quizzing a notable name with 10 quickfire questions, covering the past year and their plans for the festive season. And they’re only allowed one word answers…

Lee Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Fulfilmentcrowd

1. Looking back at 2023, what word would you use to sum it all up, for your business?


2. And what word describes how you’d like to see 2024 begin?


3. What’s the one word from this year that you’ve heard the most?


4. And the one you hope to hear more of in the 12 months ahead?


5. Which fellow regional business has most impressed you this year?

I am a patriot and admirer of engineers. Rolls-Royce have their challenges, but they are a great British business with a fascinating product-led growth strategy and clear focus on value creation.

6. What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever bought for someone else?

It sounds terrible, but it has to be Hetty the vacuum cleaner, requested by my wife years ago. She genuinely loved it and it has outlasted cordless all-comers!!

7. And the worst one you’ve ever received?

A Terry’s Chocolate Orange…when I was 45.

8. What’s your favourite thing that will be on your Christmas dinner plate?

Pigs in blankets

9. Describe the festive season in one word.


10. What message do you have for your friends, family, colleagues and peers as they welcome in 2024? (you can have more than one word for this one!)

As we step into 2024, my wishes for friends, family, colleagues and peers are:

1. Hope: may the year offer new beginnings and possibilities.
2. Opportunity: let us flourish, learn, and achieve remarkable things together.
3. Kindness: be positive, respect others and enjoy doing good.
4. Success: make every day count and celebrate every win.

Here’s to a year of adventure, achievement and shared moments!