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1:21 PM 14th September 2020

Claydon Appoints Brockhills To Sell And Support Its Opti-till® Crop Establishment Products In North Yorkshire

Claydon Drills, has added to its rapidly growing UK distribution network by appointing a dealer to handle the full range of Claydon Opti-Till® products in North Yorkshire.

Brockhills of Yorkshire Limited, based in Dalton near Thirsk, will sell, service and support Claydon products throughout an area based along the A1 corridor. Its sales territory borders those of recently appointed Claydon dealer Robert D Webster Limited as well as existing dealers J Wood & Son Limited and Rickerby Limited.

Founded by Eddie Brockhill, the company was purchased by Peter Swales, its Managing Director, in 2007. With extensive experience of service and sales departments within agricultural dealerships, he has progressively expanded the business and diversified its product portfolio, whilst further developing the already high level of customer service. The longest-established UK dealer for the premium-quality range of agricultural machinery manufactured by Fendt, a franchise it has held since 1978, the company regards its association with Claydon as a key part of an ongoing busines development strategy.

To underline its commitment to the brand, Brockhills has added to its demonstration fleet a 7.5m Straw Harrow and 3m Hybrid mounted drill equipped with Claydon’s proven A-shares, together with a range of new LD options which minimise soil disturbance. In line with the company’s goal of offering excellent customer service, the sales and service staff will be fully trained in the Claydon product range at the earliest opportunity.

“We are a very customer-focussed business and operate a 24/7 on-call service from the start of the potato planting season right through to the end of maize harvesting in November. This allows our customers to contact us at any time and be guaranteed of a fast, personal response,” Peter states.

“Taking on the Claydon franchise is the culmination of a two-pronged vision. Existing Claydon owners in our area encouraged us to consider it because Claydon was changing from direct sales to a dealer network. Other customers have been encouraging us to offer tine drills since the wet autumn of 2019 when disc-type units proved problematic and the consensus was in favour of the Claydon System.

"The uncertainty over Brexit and future of the Basic Payment Scheme has also made farmers focus more intently on reducing their production costs. As our customers change and adapt so, as dealers, we must do the same.

“We are proud of our long association with Fendt, a brand renowned for manufacturing high quality products, and believe that Claydon sits well alongside it.

"The Claydon range will suit the requirements of a wide cross-section of our customers, from those who are considering moving away from existing plough/combi drill and min-till methods to Claydon’s Opti-Till® direct strip seeding system, which includes new low- and very-low disturbance LD options.

“When I visited the Claydon factory and farm to see the products being manufactured and crops which had been produced using them it quickly became clear that this was the right choice. Since then, I and my team have been impressed by every aspect of our dealings with Claydon and the enthusiasm shown by Jeff, Spencer, and Oliver Claydon, together with that of their colleagues. That gives me great confidence in the future success of this relationship.”

A Growing Business
Claydon is a global pioneer in crop establishment technology, its Opti-Till® System providing a holistic approach which delivers consistently good, high yielding crops at low cost. The company employs 47 staff at its design, manufacturing, distribution, and service centre in Suffolk and is experiencing strong domestic and international demand for its products. These are marketed and sold to customers throughout the UK and overseas by a Commercial Team headed by Commercial Director Spencer Claydon, approximately 60 per cent of production being exported to 33 countries, from Europe to New Zealand.

At the heart of the Opti-Till® System is the Claydon Hybrid drill which incorporates unique, patented leading tine technology that delivers exceptional versatility in all climatic conditions, soil types and crops. In addition to a comprehensive range of tractor-mounted and trailed Hybrid drills from 3m to 8m wide, the Claydon product line-up includes Straw Harrows from 3m to 15m wide, the 6m TerraStar® light rotary cultivator and TerraBlade inter-row hoes from 3m to 8m. This latest addition to the Claydon range helps growers to control weeds in band-sown crops more efficiently and more effectively than relying solely on chemicals, with significant cost and environmental benefits.

Rob Dunk,
Rob Dunk,
Rob Dunk, Claydon’s Sales Manager for the UK and ROI, adds: “We are delighted to be working with Brockhills of Yorkshire as their expertise and excellent customer service will be a valuable addition to our strategy of offering Claydon Opti-Till® products through a network of carefully selected, enthusiastic, professional dealers.

“Farming businesses currently have little influence over input costs and end prices but can dramatically reduce production costs and increase yields by adopting a much more cost-effective, efficient approach to crop establishment. Increasingly, they recognise that the innovative Claydon Opti-Till® System provides a financially and ecologically attractive alternative to conventional full cultivations and min-till systems which are time consuming, inefficient, expensive, can over-work the soil and destroy its structure.

“Opti-Till® is particularly relevant now because it provides significant opportunities to save money, combined with massive improvements in soil health and structure, lower carbon emissions, reduced soil erosion and environmental benefits which are in line with the likely future requirements of the Basic Payments Scheme.

“With more frequent extremes of weather, it is vital to operate a system which is effective in all conditions, minimises risk and provides sufficient capacity to exploit narrow weather windows. This allows all types of agricultural seeds that can be air-sown, from herbs and grasses to cereals and maize, to be drilled at the right time, in the right conditions and ultimately produce the high yields required to generate sufficient financial returns for farming businesses to be financially sustainable.

“These advantages were particularly apparent last season, when many Opti-Till® owners were able to establish crops successfully in conditions which were either too wet or too dry for other methods to operate. This led to a surge in enquiries and orders from existing and potential customers and to handle this Claydon continues to appoint additional dealers to further expand its distribution network.”