Yorkshire Times
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2:00 AM 18th June 2022

Clothing Storage Mistakes You Didn’t Even Know You Were Making

Brits are being given a reality check and warned of the mistakes they’re making when storing their clothes.

The fitted furniture experts at have pulled together common mistakes that people make when putting their clothes away.

This includes hanging clothes on the wrong style of hanger and not making use of the bottom halves of our wardrobes.

Nic Shacklock from said:
“We see these mistakes all the time and they can really affect how much space you feel you have.

“The biggest mistake we see is that some people hang every item of clothing. If you do this, you’re going to fill up your wardrobe very fast.

“There are certain items of clothing like hoodies and jumpers that you’re better off folding, not only to make space, but to avoid ruining their shape on a hanger.

“By making use of shelves and having a bit of an organisational system, you’ll be able to maximise the space in your wardrobe in a much more efficient way.”

Common clothing storage mistakes:

Hanging everything

The most common mistake people make is hanging all of their clothes.

According to Nic Shacklock, this isn’t an efficient way to store clothes.

“Ideally you should have hanging space as well as shelves. To maximise the space you have you should be folding thick clothes such as jumpers and jeans to save space” he said.

Using the wrong hangers

It may come as a surprise but you could be using the wrong hangers for your clothes. If the item of clothing is too heavy for the hanger, it could ruin the shape of your clothes. That’s why it’s important to buy strong sturdy coat hangers for jackets and coats and to fold hoodies and jumpers.

Not putting away seasonal clothes

Unless you have an exceptionally large wardrobe, you shouldn’t be keeping all of your clothes out all of the time. As summer approaches, it’s worth packing up your winter clothes into a suitcase and storing them away in the loft and swapping them out later in the year.

Make use of the bottom half of your wardrobe

Many people tend to ignore the bottom half of their wardrobe and it slowly becomes a space to dump clothes when you’re in a rush. Try to utilise this space as much as possible, perhaps you can build drawers here and use it as a place to store folded clothes. Or if you’re after something simpler, put in a couple of shelves.

Not having an organising system

If there is no system to your wardrobe, you’re likely to forget what it is you own. Having some sort of system will make this easier. You don’t need to colour coordinate everything, just something as simple as having jeans and bottoms in one section, tops in another is good enough.

Vacuum packing clothes

You may think you’re being savvy by vacuum packing clothes you don’t wear often but this can actually ruin the shape of your garments. Vacuum packing materials such as leather and wool will also ruin the quality of your clothing.

You don’t clear out your wardrobe

Many people won’t remember the last time they cleared out their wardrobe so it’s no wonder they’re struggling for space. The general rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it within the last year, you’re not likely to wear it again so either sell it online or donate it to your local charity shop.